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"A wild and sexy eclectic mix of reggae, funk and groovin rhythms that surge ones soul. The music at first had an almost funk reggae feel which then suddenly loomed into an explosion of energy with an experimental, trendy, edgy flare with its techno/synthesizer sound that surges excitement and spirit to the listener." - Annette Versage - Fairfield County Music Reporter

"The genre-busting five-piece (with a TON of other supporting musicians in the mix) focuses on the current obsession with imaginary internet ratings and how that's probably not a great thing for humanity. " 
- Mick Theebs, (regarding "Give Me Five Stars")

Tyrone invades Nyack NY with old friend Perry Paletta! 

That’s right Lost Boy Alumni together on the stage that was the center of all the fun! Opening the night will be Perry Paletta and Jim Sterett (McMule/Mojofoot) playing some acoustic blues featuring tunes from Robert Johnson, Clapton, Dylan and Pigpen too.  After that 2 Full sets of all out jam from Tyrone featuring many songs from our up-coming album as well some old Lost Boy covers for fun!  Get all the infor here:

Tomorrow in Burlington VT 

If your from upper VT or know someone from the area please let em know about our first show in Burlington at Radio Bean.  Thie is a great music town and we are psuched for our first show!  Pls spread the word.  Meanwhile the recording is coming out great with lots of recording being done here at Old Rock Studios. We should be mixing by the end of the month and are on track for a spring release.  Working title is “I swear, I said” and were looking for some design options so if you have the chops for an album cover let us know. Your design could be on 1000 Cd’s and many more posters to come! Here’s a shot of the lovely and talented TSL Ladies, Elana Zabari and Sarah Golley mugging for the camera.  Make sure you check out their other projects, Ruby and The Diamond Kings and Sarah Golley Music.

This Saturday Norwalk Oyster Festival 

This years Oyster Fest promises to be the best ever! OK they always say that but were playing for the first time on the big stage at 2:00 and then Chris Yerinides and his band Crown Colony hits the battle of the bands at 3:30! Norwalk Rocking it out this year! #livemusic #rockandroll #livetojam #jamtolive #Reggae #Dub


Free Show this Thursday in Norwalk @ Mathews Park! 

That’s right! Free show sponsored by our hometown of Norwalk and Steve Serasis’ Musictochina! Show starts at 7pm with the sweet musical styling’s of That Virginia opening up and then 2 hours of Tyrone featuring the songs off our upcoming record.
Check out some of our videos from our recent show at Strange brew HERE! 
Hope to see ya’all soon!

Inside look at our Studio! Free Show @ Strange Brew 8/13 Norwich CT 

Wow What a blur- We’ve been heads down in the studio for the last three weeks and have mad just a ton of progress on our next record, album, cd, download, bunch of bytes or whatever you call a record these days.  Regardless we were able to get all the rhythm tracks down for 9 songs and now all that’s left is vocals, percussion and couple of do dats and of course the mixing.   Definitely ahead of schedule.  We posted a little morning tour of our home built below.  Special thanks to Joe DiGiorgi from Headline Sound for letting us borrow the professional Gobo’s.  They made all the difference this year and really helped isolate the piano.  We’ll be mixing at Joe’s new digs in Mamaroneck over the next bunch of weeks and then with a little luck we might be able to release sooner than the original January release date.   MVP of the sessions might have to go to the Wurlitzer being played through Mike’s Blues JR.  There’s also a lot more electronica dub on this record than ever before.
Meanwhile this Thursday stop on down for a free show in Norwich CT at Strange Brew.  We’ve been trying to play there for a while now as they are very friendly music venue where many of the bands that we admire play.  We cant wait to get out there and make some Tyrone Noise! Plus its freeking Ladies Night!
Hope you enjoy the Tour!

This week in New Haven and Southport! Boston Soon- 2 weeks! 

“This Land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York Skyline”...Happy Birthday America.  We take allot of shit and we aint perfect but were still one of the best places to live in on this planet. So here we are Tyrone Shoelaces playing 2 shows this week with our second show our debut at Cafe Nine in New Haven.  Friday, July 3rd small, intimate and legendary, this venue’s slogan is the musician’s living room.  But first we will be the ft performer in a stripped down “unlaced” version of TSL at The Horsehoe Cafe in Southport.  One of the best open mic’s around follows us as we hit at 8:15!  In 2 week were back in Boston Mass at PA’s Lounge in Somerville.  More on this special show to come.
Peace and love as always-

New Haven, Stamford & A New Record! 

Thanks to everyone who’s been downloading our last record recently and for all the plays on Spotify & Reverb Nation. This Thursday, June 18  finds us on Thursday at Stella Blues in New Haven playing alongside The Background Orc’s - Hot funk from Boston and then on Friday  June 19 we are hosting a Summertime Music Multi Genre Lalapalooza ft Richard Keith, great friend & singer songwriter, & Leo “Big Future” Fucarelli who’s hip hop style takes place in the future and looks back at us!  You gotta hear and see to believe.  Hope you all can make it.  Oh and I almost forgot, studio time has been booked for the end of July to begin recording for our next record!  Check out the new shows coming up later this Summer and Fall.  The calendar is getting full quickly. Cant wait!  Much love-TSL

What a Blast!-Oh and Providence this week! 

Wow Everyone.  What a blast! A big shout out to @sterlingstage for all the love and hospitality.  What a great festival filled with great people, music, fires, nature, and all the rest!  Put that festival on the calendar for sure!  This week finds us Wednesday night for a FREE show with Boston’s Dubbest at The Spot Underground.  Note their new address: 180 Pine Street, Providence.  Hope to see you there.  Shout out to all our Brothers and Sisters home and away, past and present who give their lives so we can do what we do.  Happy Memorial Day everyone!