New Single Release Date!

Summers gone my oh my! This Saturday Sep 30 Tyrone Shoelaces will be dancing and singing all night long at Olive’s on Main Street in Nyack NY.  There will be special guests galore as we get ready for the Lost Boy Reunion Show the following week.  Expect appearances by Perry Paletta, Craig Coyne and Chris Alyward. Show time is 10:00 and we’ll be playing songs from our new EP! 

This Friday Sep 29, I’ll be grabbing some sage time at Ed Train’s Friday Night Live at the Black Duck in Westport CT.  I’ll be playing Mandolin along side Steve Wexler and we hit at 9 for a one-hour set. 

Give Me 5 Stars is a Reggae/Disco Ska sort of thing written in response to an episode of the hit Netflix series Black Mirror and drops Friday 13th!  Dashboard Jesus And The Bobble Head Doll(s) is a bluegrass like tune about a couple of bobble heads and a dashboard Jesus who want to drive a car (Mike Piazza &Roger Clemens), and Tour Cat is a ska inspired tune about a cat on a bus.

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