TEXAS- New Single Dropping January 28th, 2022

The last Tyrone Shoelaces record was recorded in record time, we had our own studio and finished soup to nuts in about 6 months.  This time not so much. 

The first song rehearsed was Texas, a Tyrone shoelaces OG half written back in the day by myself and Alex Plotkin.  Alex was the original guitarist in TSL as we go back to our Lost Boy days.  We practiced it a couple of times and then COVID hit. 

Everything shut down as we know.  With the band's members living far apart it was nothing from Feb 2020 until November 2020 when the first discussions began about recording another record.

Fast forward to today and were trying to get through these crazy times:

8 minutes and 3 different genres within the song. This was a collaboration of myself and my longtime writing partner, Alex Plotkin.   Clearly influenced by Twiddle as the band opened up for them before Covid.  Mixing genres with in the song definitely where we were going with this one.

The only words were a hodgepodge of ad-libs made up from an old recording.  As I started to add to Alex's first 2 verses it was clear the middle part became an ode to my children as they were coming of age.   

The line, “Speak your mind, take it to your grave” I thought was really important- Even ironically adding to this spread between love and hate. 

My favorite line is the last line, “We’ve all come to have a good time, I can do yours and you can do mine.”   Alex told me it was about gardening.